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About Triversity

Triversity Construction was founded in 2005. The “Tri” in the company name was derived from the acknowledgement of the three owners at the time. The “versity” was a signal that diversity was an inciting idea behind forming the company. We have come a long way since those humble yet inspiring beginnings. Company ownership and management changed in 2009 and since then we have continued to build a strong business foundation to support our growth aspirations. We have worked to earn our position in the marketplace and the place where we can provide unique value. Over time, we have clarified our purpose, refined our values and most of all established our value proposition for customers.

We have evolved into one of the largest construction firms in the Cincinnati region and a leading corporate citizen. We have continuously invested in talent, capacity and in our capabilities to deliver for large complex clients. We added TCF, our self-performance division in 2014 and invested in a new headquarters in 2022. This new home, we affectionately call Curtis Street, enables us to better meet our client’s changing needs for things like supply chain logistics and prefabrication. Our new facilities also provide ideal space for our internal craft training program. The goal of this program is to broaden access to the construction industry and to continue to grow the skills of our craft professionals.

Today our combined businesses have over 100 talented professionals who provide construction services to clients with the highest standards in our region. We proudly serve construction clients who value relationships and who have high expectations for safety, quality, collaboration, and overall performance. Our team of talented and diverse professionals are actively pursuing our purpose and living our values. We are builders and we are building a better way, together.

What we do

Our Core Services

We provide a robust set of construction services, yet it is our approach to the work that differentiates us. We’re collaborative from the start, bringing our expertise, experience and diverse perspectives—and then we listen. Learn more about what differentiates our customer experience.

What we do
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An Intentional Culture

Who we are and how we work are key pillars of what makes our culture unique. The way we collaborate, engage, and serve our clients and our team are grounded in our values and purpose.

Our Culture