Safety is explicitly called out in our core value of putting people first. There is nothing in or about our business more important than a safe work environment. We work every day to build a safety culture where everyone feels responsible, knowledgeable and empowered to lead with safety first. We have a proactive and comprehensive approach to safety that can be summarized in four themes below.

  • Clear and high expectations. Our focus on safety starts at the top with our executive leadership team who perform regular project site safety walks and have our performance on safety as an essential metric on our corporate scorecard. We expect zero injuries, and we make that expectation clear.
  • Proactive planning. We plan for safety with our customers, subcontractors, and our team members. We start before construction begins by listening to our customers, collaborating with subcontractors and including safety expectations in our contractual agreements. When construction begins, we use proactive methods like Job Safety Analysis (JSAs) and site-specific safety plans to enable the day-to-day intentionality for a safe working environment.
  • Continuous training. We insist on continuous training for our team and our subcontractors on job site safety protocols and site/activity specific safety needs. We also provide on-going training on the safe operation of hand tools and other equipment used in the process of construction like scaffolding and scissor lifts.
  • Robust monitoring and metrics. We measure our activities on many levels including our use of personal protective equipment (PPE), adherence to job safety analysis procedures and safety incidents on site. We collect the data looking for trends that could indicate a need for additional training or a revision to a process.  
These four themes to safety work to build and then maintain our focus on safety that construction professionals deserve and that our customers expect. Our expectation for safety is simple - everyone will return home safe at the end of each day.