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Triversity is a full-service construction company headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. We serve a variety of market segments and a range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit, community-based organizations. Our business was built on earning long-term relationships over simply winning projects.

We provide a robust set of construction services, yet it is our approach to the work that differentiates us. We are collaborative from the start, bringing our expertise, experience and diverse perspectives—and then we listen. This is how we discover better solutions, build deep connections, and deliver better outcomes for our customers.
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Planning, collaboration, communication, and execution are the day-to-day pillars of our construction process. Learn what it means to have Triversity driving your construction.

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Preconstruction is a critical component of construction management. Learn more about how we support our clients as they navigate the series of scenarios and options to align their vision with their project scope, cost, schedule, material selections and supply chain logistics.

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Self Performance

Triversity Craft Force (TCF) is our self-performing, specialty drywall, carpentry and interiors division. Learn more about TCF and how their ability to self-perform in the field allows us to deliver better outcomes for customers.

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Triversity Craft Force in a lift working on a roof

Safety is non-negotiable. Learn more about how our proactive approach to safety puts people first and provides a safe working environment.

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Uniting our Power

Affectionately known as the Tricon, the symbol in Triversity's logo represents three core pillars of the organization's culture.
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Building with Purpose

We are intentional in our work. Actively connecting with different ideas, approaches, and backgrounds to optimize our performance, push our capabilities, and to enhance the customer experience. Read more about Triversity and understand what drives us.

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Enabling the Power of People

We are listeners, problem-solvers, relationship-builders, craftspeople, and visionaries, and our guiding belief in the power of each individual is what makes us Triversity. We empower our team members, embrace new ideas, and together champion the values of performance, empowerment and inclusion. Join us in building a better way.

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Triversity demonstrated a commitment to our timeline which required that we complete the project in time to welcome more than 1,600 ArtsWave donors throughout the BLINK festival in October 2022. They excelled in communicating what was happening and when decisions were needed to keep work moving forward. Triversity always kept ArtsWave’s best interest in mind.

Kate Kennedy, COO